Getting the Invitation

Value, value, value.

Being invited to a church to actually perform and then work requires connecting with the correct people. Contacting various churches and people at them is not difficult, but connecting with people who understand or appreciate the value of our service is another matter entirely.

Word of mouth is good, if people interact with other churches.

Have social media that sheds a positive light on who we are as musicians and how we interact is important. But sometimes things are going to be too raw. Pictures are better than video often times. Allows people to not be embarrassed and then allows people to not be intimidated.

Having a clear media presence of our own music making skills and talents is important, but initially it will be important to not share too much.

But you have to share enough to get the gig. 


Marketing 101 - but you really have to find the music people in the church who will value the service, correct?

Liam WestComment