Financial stuff matters. But you do not want to steal from people. Because the goods and services being offered are towards organizations designated as non-profit groups - the service provided needs to benefit the goals of the non-profit organization. The organization thrives off of donations.

For how we operate, I think that honorarium and donation work well, but should there be flat fees and charges for some services? It would be nice if that answer was yes, but consistency is important. How variable can the price structure be based on organization size, time spent vs services traded?


Initial costs are all individual - I have much of what I need to do this, but operating costs will exist and not always be covered initially and there is some unknown about what money will come in.


Because this is part of what can be considered a tour - some of the financial costs that may not be covered have to be seen from a publicity perspective as well. Because not only are service being provided but performances are being given. 

Liam WestComment