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Educator, Audio Engineer, Story-Teller





"I am 9 years old. Age doesn’t matter very much though. Whether you are 8, or 9 or 10, we all still have to avoid the grown ups who don’t understand us. Grown ups try to tell us what to do, and we are held back because they just can’t see the world the right way. Grown ups don’t understand all the terrible things happening. That is why I call to order the first meeting of 10-9-8".


L.I.V.E broadcast, timestamp 21h:08m:57s June 8, 2076

---time stamp approved by Zinch~tech Corps




Phase in and phase out, the drunken teens staggered past the small corps of 10-9-8 elites that had gathered at the corner of the building. Augmented reality or alcohol pills, it did not seem to matter, the adult world was fell-fogged if the poison could not be eradicated. The mission tonight was clear. It was a simple in and out job. This was a lower priority area, but there would still be some cyber security. Human security was almost non-existent these days, engrossed in a world of some false neuron firings.

The signal was given.





Patrick Rothfuss
N.D Wilson
R.J Anderson

One Republic
Tenth Avenue North

12 Monkeys
The Expanse

Tim Burton

Johny Depp




University of Toronto

Master of Music Technology & Digital Media
Graduated May 2017


University of Toronto

Bachelor of Music
Graduated May 2015


Barely Ri (Liam West) is a Musician

An educator

And is currently working on an elaborate Dolby Atmos surround sound collage. Combining both narrative, music, and sfx with the absence of the visual.

The imagination is in charge.




Phone: 905-409-7275
Address: Pickering, ON